Santa Monica College

The Logistics/Supply Chain Management program at Santa Monica College prepares students for careers that entail the movement of raw materials, energy, finished products, money, people, satellites, information, etc. Logistics includes supply chain management, operations management, demand management, packaging and materials handling, transportation management, distribution center management, inventory management, procurement and supply scheduling, warehousing, and systems controls.

Classes are scheduled to offer flexibility in completing your academic goals at SMC. Courses are available on campus and online, during the day and at night, and in both traditional and accelerated formats.

International Business/GTL Programs:

  • Associate in Science Degree in Logistics/Supply Chain Management
  • Certificate of Achievement in Logistics/Supply Chain Management
  • Department Certificate in Logistics
  • Certificate of Achievement in International Business
  • Department Certificate in International Business


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Contact: Sal Veas | Department Chair, Business

Phone: 310-434-4295