Q: Who can join IBEA?
A: Anyone teaching, studying, interested or working in international business is welcome and encouraged to provide meaningful contributions to the IBEA community.

Q: Can I take classes online through IBEA?
A: No, you cannot take classes online but you can find and connect with schools that offer a specific class you want to take.

Q: Does IBEA have meetings?
A: IBEA is an online collaborative so there are no official meetings. However, members are encouraged to attend events that are posted as a way to connect with others personally.

Q: How can I promote IBEA at my school?
A: Contact IBEA and we will provide marketing materials you can distribute.

Q: I don’t see my school in IBEA. Can it be added?
A: Yes. Your school representative should complete the Submit Your College form to join IBEA and your institution will be added to the website and the IBEA community.

Q: Can my college or business advertise on IBEA?
A: Currently, no. However, sponsorships and sponsored content opportunities are being considered. If this is something that interests you, please contact IBEA.