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The Computer Applications and Office Technologies Department (CAOT) at East Los Angeles College has consistently made a valuable contribution in assisting students to meet their goals   for  employment or advancement in employment, college transfer, or personal enrichment in the office technologies field. As society and business rely more heavily on technology, new jobs and career opportunities in this area continue to expand. The employment outlook is excellent for persons who are well-qualified and up to date with the latest office technology. Salaries are excellent and tied to training and education.

International Business/GTL Programs:

  • Technology & Logistics Associate of Science Degree
  • Technology & Logistics Skills Certificate (Levels 1 &2)
  • Logistics Material Handling Certification
  • Leadership in Global Logistics Certification
  • Certificate of Achievement in Technology & Logistics

Anthropology, Geography, and Geology – what a mouthful! You might have deduced from our name that we are a multidisciplinary department. But you might be surprised to learn that we include the disciplines of Archaeology, Earth Science, Environmental Science, International Business, Meteorology, and Oceanography as well.

We invite you to explore the breadth of our diverse offerings, which meet a host of university transfer requirements in the humanities, social and behavioral sciences, physical and life sciences. In addition to our many lecture courses, we also offer laboratory courses for transferrable credit in the physical and life sciences.

Majors in our fields have transferred to prestigious universities across our nation and have reported back on the advantage gained as a student here at ELAC.

Come and find out what makes our little slice of the sciences so engaging and inspiring. We are located in the A2-103 Building and are here to serve your formal and informal educational needs. If the door is not open, then just knock!

International Business/GTL Programs:

  • Certificate of Achievement for Transfer – International Business 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Certificate of Logistics, Movement, & Import/Export Documentation Procedures

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Contact: Elaine Shibata | Chair of Computer Applications & Office Technologies Department

Phone: 323-265-8954

Email: shibatey@elac.edy

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Contact: Domenick Miretti | Chair of Anthropology, Geography & Geology Department

Phone: 323-265-8837

Email: mirettdf@elac.edu