About Us

Welcome to IBEA

The International Business Education Alliance (IBEA) is a collaborative designed to increase international business education, training, and employment opportunities by connecting community colleges throughout California. IBEA links individuals seeking knowledge in specialized areas not offered at local institutions, such as supply chain and global management, and provides a host of useful resources for instructors, students, and employers. Funded by the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office “Doing What MATTERS for Jobs and Economy” Initiative, IBEA strives to raise performance and certificate attainment while strengthening international business education and training statewide.

IBEA's Primary Goals:

Encourage Program Class-Promotion
Develop and deploy new methodologies for cross-regional training for students and incumbent workers.

Eliminate Skills Gaps in the Industry
Address and integrate the needs of employers within international business curriculums and programs to advance students’ job skills and competencies.

Create Community
Instill connection and camaraderie among educators and students that advocate international business initiatives and academic success.

The International Business Education Alliance (IBEA) is committed to enhancing the global trade skills of students and business professionals by promoting the cutting-edge international business education programs of its partner institutions.